Application of CST combined air damping unit

CST combined air damping unit system escorts satellite long-distance transportation

The CST combined air damping unit system is an air damping system specially designed for satellite long-distance transportation. This damping system consists of 5 damping units and two control cabinets. The satellite is placed horizontally in the box. Because of structural factors, The front end is heavier, the bottom is carried by three damping units, and the rear is lighter, and it is carried by two damping units;

Each damping unit contains 4 air springs, 4 rigid springs, horizontal limit control, laser displacement sensor, pull pressure sensor and other components, which can realize the stable transportation of large-tonnage satellites;

Three control units are controlled by a control cabinet, and the other two are controlled by a secondary control cabinet. The control cabinet can display data such as air pressure, displacement, tension and pressure;

There is a dust cover outside, which can effectively prevent dust from entering during transportation;

After more than one year of application, this set of equipment has been operating well and can meet the needs of satellite long-distance transportation. AISTECH will continue to conduct in-depth research in this field to provide satellites with a more secure vibration isolation transportation system.